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Awards and Map Competition

image-8Outstanding Contribution in GIS Award.

This category is for a deserving person or persons who have made significant contributions in GIS for the State of Missouri.

Please help us recognize those who are doing extraordinary work in the field of GIS by nominating someone today.

Nominations for Outstanding Contribution in GIS should include:

• Name of Nominee(s), Organization/Consortium/Group Name, Job Title (if individual)
• Description of the nominees’ contribution, and how specifically their work with geospatial technology has benefited the State of Missouri. Possible con- tributions could include: Innovation and Creativity, Communication and Collaboration, Results, Outcome and Productivity or Community.

Email nomination letter to Melissa @ OR mail to: Melissa Johnson, GISP, GIS Manager, Cole County, 301 E High St, 1st floor, Jefferson City, MO 65101


Map Competition

 This year we are going totally digital with map file submissions being displayed during the Vendor Reception and throughout the conference as a rotating slideshow.   Rules, a copy of the digital map must be in JPEG/PNG/PDF. The map abstract should include the purpose and goal of the map project and any unique challenges faced, including cartographic techniques and decisions made that the judges may want to know more about.